May 20, 2012

Hello, everyone!  This past Friday, I had the pleasure of doing an online interview with Radio BBC.  Although I was a bit nervous from never having been interviewed by someone in England before, I decided to jump in with eyes wide open as I hopped into the limousine that arrived to pick me up around 10:20PM. 

Once I arrived at their Midtown studio on the West Side, I was welcomed by a lovely young lady named Amma who informed me that my interviewers and listeners were five hours ahead of me in London.  After escorting me to the padded studio room and informing me that the interview would be pre-taped for an upcoming morning show, I stilled my rapidly-beating heart and delved right into the questions that were prepared for me.

For the next five minutes, I was asked about my personal style and favorite accessories and colors to wear, as well as whether I always wear a hat wherever I go.  I also let them know that I don’t dress up every single day of the week, as Sunday is my day to relax at home with no makeup and a large sized t-shirt on.  In addition, I also told everyone about the Advanced Style book that will be released this coming Tuesday, as we styled most of the fashionable women in the book.

Not only did my online interview with the BBC go so quickly that it felt like a dream, but it was a wonderful learning experience that I will cherish.  I look forward to introducing myself to a worldwide audience that is also the largest radio listenership, as the joy of dressing fabulously for the theatre of your life is universal.